Need a Home Loan?

We will help you every step of the way.

Acutts is one of only two National real estate companies who offer their clients an in-house mortgage division which deals with the mortgage applications of their purchasers.

The introduction of the Credit Agreement Act has placed the emphasis on the mortgage lender (banks) to ensure that new homeowners can afford the monthly payment on their loans. Acutts Mortgage Division ensures that applicants are offered monthly bond repayment premiums that fall within their budget, thus ensuring a much higher rate of bond approvals.

Due to our processes and the fact that the mortgage division performs proper credit checks on our buyers, Acutts has one of the highest grant rates of mortgage finance in the country. Nearly double the national average.

Where clients are unsuccessful due to adverse credit records, our mortgage division is able to guide them via a unique program where the clients' credit record is repaired.

The Benefits

  • Secure Approvals
    Better chance of approval by submitting to multiple lenders (ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank)
  • Get the system to work for you
    Each bank has a different credit criteria, deposit requirements, documentation requirements, interest rates and turn-around times. By submitting your bond to multiple lenders we ensure you get the best possible deal.
  • Expert Positioning
    Prepare, motivate and package the application for the best chance of approval.
  • Best Interest Rates
    We ensure banks compete for every loan application ensuring that best deal for you.
  • Simultaneous Submission
    Direct link to bank systems allow simultaneous submission of applications to multiple lenders saving you time and effort.
  • No Cost
    It’s a service with no cost implications to you, the home buyer.
  • No Obligation
    No obligation to accept any loan sourced.
  • Expertise
    Intimate knowledge of the banks’ products, credit criteria, documentation requirements and interest rates equip originators to give the advice and assistance needed.
  • Problem Escalation
    Dedicated senior personnel escalate any problem applications ensuring a better chance of approval.
  • Hassle free
    One generic application form for all major lenders.
  • Cost Saving
    Advise on the best way to structure the loan to reduce the total cost.
  • Convenient
    Bond Originators complete the application form and do all the legwork.
  • Faster Approval
    Dedicated personnel guide the application quickly through the banks’ approval process, actively chasing up progress.
  • Independent Advise
    Most appropriate home loan option from all lenders.
  • Dedicated Communication
    One point of regular feedback on the application status for all lenders.
  • Best Service
    Professional and personalized service face-to-face, telephonic or online.
  • Specialized knowledge
    Our staff are experts in home finance – focused on one thing only, which is securing your bond.
  • Prequalification
    Certainty on the ability to afford the property.
  • Committed
    Originators are committed to securing the homebuyer’s bond.
  • Homebuyers all agree
    Over 70% of all new home loans are secured via a bond originators.

As an additional service our mortgage division offers specialist insurance for the mortgage product which s an essential component of the lending process.

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