Are you an investor and would like to benefit from the excellent service of our Property Portfolio Managers?

  • Take a snapshot of your entire current property portfolio
  • Give you a current desktop valuation on all your property investments
  • Work out your capital growth on the properties
  • Analyse your rental income to ensure you are receiving the maximum income
  • Workout your annual expenses
  • Calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) for each property and your whole portfolio

Once we have done this we will be able to view your property portfolio from an investment point of view and advise you on where you can make changes so as to maximise your ROI.

As part of this program we will also give you access to our new developments at a Pre-Launch rate, so that from date of transfer, all your new investment properties will be more profitable than if you bought on the open market.

Remember, you don't make money when you sell a property, you make money when you buy a property...

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